Editing Details

How to edit the details associated with each design item

Mashoom aims to capture as much information about your designed part as possible, including it's history. For this reason there is an ability to add extra information to each design item.

It's recommended that information is added as soon as there is an idea for it. For instance, if when you initial create the design you think it will be made from wood, then set the material to wood as soon as you think of it! If as the design progresses it actually will be 3D printed etc, then it can be changed. The advantage is that someone can look back on the history of the part and see this change in decision, which is useful information to have.

Parts details section
A parts information section, with the details expanded

The above shows the information section for a part. Different fields are shown for each type of Design item (Part, Procurement or Assembly), which are applicable for that type of item. Simply type in the input field and click the "Save changes" button that appears to make your changes permanent.

The part name can be changed but this is not recommended once design files have been uploaded. This reason for this is hopefully obvious; changing the name of the part changes the names of the files that are associated with it. This could break assemblies or cause confusion. An alternative would be to supersede this item, giving it a fresh number and name.

Whether fields need to be filled in is down to your team leader. Remember that when a item is authorized, the whole item should be taken into consideration, including it's details. This means that your part may not be authorized if it doesn't have enough information filled in.