Add-ons offer a set of general features that apply across your account.

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Custom styling

Custom styling

Customized styling can be applied, so your corporate logo and colours on display when anyone is using your account.

The logo, colours and feel can all be changed, only a small label shown in the bottom right displays "powered by Mashoom". These changes also apply to the login screen when a unique link is used, providing complete coverage.

All automated emails, including file sharing, notification and invitation emails sent from your account will include your branding as well, providing end-to-end branding coverage.

Customize the look of your account for -

Virus scanning

Virus scanning

When sending and receiving files you want to be confident that you are not passing on or receiving any viruses, it's a vital part of any cyber security strategy.

Our virus scanning add-on scans any files that are uploaded, via whatever means. This blanket coverage means you can be completely confident that whatever is on Mashoom, it's safe.

Ensure your aren't a victim of cyber crime for -



Each module comes with many different reports that we are constantly adding to. No need to customize them yourself, they work straight out the box, in real time.

We also provide a general set of reports covering general usage, user statuses, security overviews and more.

We are proud of making your data work for you; this add-on is free

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