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Join the 1000s saving time, money and their sanity

Whether it's being able to generate a report in seconds rather than days or preventing two versions of one file being edited at the same time, a good data system can improve every area of your operations.

We are here to show you what is possible.

We can either work with you to create what doesn't exist, or show you the solution we have already created.

Ready to go Solutions

Our modules are designed to fulfil a specific workflow, task or use case. However they are flexible and can be setup to fulfil a broad range of requirements.

Each module is independent, but seamlessly integrate with others.

Our modules are currently being used to:

  • Distribute, receive and manage tendering documents
  • Manage and control CAD designs
  • Automate auditing processes and analyse the collected data
  • Book, count, authorise and manage holiday bookings
  • Automate employees "check-in" daily, specifying if they are in the office or not
  • Much, much more...

The Accelerated Development Program

We work with our customers to understand their problem, then build a solution on our platform.

Bespoke software development is both expensive, then it requires maintenance; Mashoom offers a new alternative.

Our whole platform has been built using this method. We go to great lengths to make sure we design the best tool for the job, then keep in close contact through deployment and beyond to make sure every need is covered.

What you won't find elsewhere

Charged by use, not number of users

Charging per user leads to password sharing and barriers to everyone accessing the data they need. Instead we charge based on a range of metrics that capture how much the account is being used.

Invite everyone. If they don’t use it, it won’t cost you anything.

Built for one, given to all

Mashoom has been built by meeting the needs of genuine use cases. Every module has been made in close collaboration with a professional partner that uses the solution themselves.

Every feature has been tested on the ground and finely tuned to make it as awesome as possible. You can benefit without any of the hard work!

No funny business

We are here to provide you data solutions that are transparent, reliable and straightforward; these things shouldn't be complicated.

We never share data without your consent. We go as far to say as we only do what you are expecting us to do.

Some of the people we have worked with...