Who are we?

Mashoom was created out of a need to organize a university racing team; every year they had to design a single seat racing car. Whilst obviously providing an engineering challenge, effective data management was always a weakness. Mashoom was born out of a want to understand why this sort of engineering data management problem is deemed “too complex” or “impossible” to be solved effectively.

Mashoom has proved these opinions wrong, first in engineering and now across a range of sectors. Software can be simple, it can be effective, it can be friendly to use and it can be available to all at a fair price. This can all co-exist with a simple business model that respects complete data privacy and puts security first.

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Our team

Jamie Robinson

Founder and CEO

Jamie was part of the university racing team (at University College London) for 4 years whilst studying for his degree in mechanical engineering. Never willing to accept an answer without evidence, Mashoom was born to answer “why is storing information always so difficult, or ineffective, or expensive, or need 2 weeks training”. After countless hours writing code, talking to professionals and deploying Mashoom in work places, he still has no good answer.

Jamie Robinson

Alex Blakesley

Project X Lead

Alex graduated from UCL in 2019 with a Masters in Engineering, and immediately joined peer-to-peer lending firm Loanpad as Lead Software Engineer having worked intermittently for them throughout his final year at university. He gained a large amount of his coding expertise whilst developing virtual reality (VR) software at university. His software allowed engineering students to visualize and interact with their designs in a 3D environment instead of on a 2D computer screen. Alex continues to work on this project, with the end goal of allowing the full assembly of designs in VR. Alex has a strong ethos of simplifying user interface, facilitating ease of process and system integration, whilst prioritizing robust compliance and data protection.

Alex Blakesley

Jacob Aboody

Creative Design

Jacob has been in the creative sector for almost 20 years leading brands and design departments for numerous companies. Jacob is always looking for new and exciting ways to add an edge to how a user views a companies brand and visuals. From logos creation to UI’s, videos to image manipulation, Jacob has an full range of abilities in all areas within the design sector.

Jacob Aboody

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