Setting up the Module

How to setup the Mashoom Library module

This module aims to provide a simple storage solution for all your files of any type, size or quantity. At a basic level it's aimed to replicate the hard-drive on your computer; folders within folders that can contain your files. As this tutorial series shows the Library module builds on-top of this basic concept to allow it to be used for a wide range of use cases.

The Library is designed with scale in mind, there are no practical limits on the number of folders, sub-folder levels or number of files in each one.

Permissions are designed so that the task of administrating a folder can be off loaded to one or more admins, this allows the Library to expand to thousands of users across multiple geographic locations with ease.

To see how to setup a team, where this module can be enabled, Settings up a team tutorial.

There is no setup for the Library! Click the "Create the team" button and you can get going.