A "team" at it's most basic level is a collection of users. Teams each have various Modules enabled that the users who have access to that team use. A team can also have only one user and be used as a personal account! This can be done initially whilst you test and/or setup the account before adding more users afterwards.

Each team generates its own charges based on the account's use, these charges are described in our pricing page. Who is charged for an account is independent from who the account admins are.

Teams can be any size, both from a technological perspective as well as a practical one. Mashoom is designed to be applicable to an individual account or a small team through to a global organization, we have use cases across the range!

A company should expect to have only one "team" on Mashoom, even if many departments in separate locations are using it. We recommend this method as it means that all your data can be stored in one central location, which is one of the main benefits a solution like Mashoom can enable.

Teams have at least one "macro admin", who is responsible for and controls the account. There are various methods to delegate permissions to certain data and/or functionality, but the macro admin is final point of authority. By default it's the person who created the account.