Mashoom has a numbering engine that was specifically designed to interpret, search through, manipulate and create engineering design numbers.

Design numbering has been a standard of engineering for decades and it a recognized system across the industry and Mashoom doesn't intend to change this! Any existing part numbering system can be setup on Mashoom, enabling us to support your current method whilst allowing you to add new schemes into the future.

The benefit of Mashoom handling the leg work of creating and revising your part numbering is that you can consistently create and manage numbers, removing the human error factor that can lead to significant confusion when a team of people are creating lots of designs. This means that they can be relied upon, not just on Mashoom but in all your internal processes.

In order to achieve this, a "design numbering scheme" must be setup, in order to tell Mashoom how you want to number you Parts, Procurements and Assemblies. This is what this set of tutorials guides you through.